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Jones Casey CongressmanStevenPallazoThe OADN Board of Directors, CEO Donna Meyer, and chapter representatives Pam Mammano (Illinois), Valerie Browne-Krimsley (Florida), and Nancy Perry (Maryland) traveled to Washington, DC on March 16 to advocate for associate degree nursing (ADN) education and the Nursing Workforce Development Programs.

These programs are part of the Public Health Service Act, Title VIII funding which are extremely important to nursing education. These programs provide funding for a variety of programs including:  the Advanced Nursing Education Grants, Nursing Workforce Diversity, Nurse Faculty Loan Program, Comprehensive Geriatric Education, Nurse Corps Loan Repayment and Scholarship Program, Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention Program, as well as the Advance Nurse Traineeships.

The one-on-one conversations with the Congressional representatives provided an opportunity to discuss the importance of the ADN pathway. The meetings were extremely beneficial and important as we continue to advocate for the ADN pathway and academic progression.

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