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Nurses Service Organization Practice Resources

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For 40+ years, Nurses Service Organization (NSO) has been helping defend nursing professionals from medical malpractice lawsuits and state board of nursing inquiries. The policy also includes coverage for HIPAA privacy violations, deposition representation and defendant expense reimbursement.  NSO is the preferred provider of coverage for 33 state and national professional nursing associations, providing their members with access to quality, affordable professional liability insurance. Over 550,000 nursing professionals safeguard their careers with professional liability insurance through NSO, making them the nation’s largest supplier of medical malpractice coverage for nursing professionals.
8 Common Charting Mistakes To Avoid

Advice that can help keep your charting at its best--and keep you out of legal trouble. 

NSO Nurse and Nurse Practitioner Case Studies! 

Nurses Medical Malpractice - Case Study with Risk Management Strategies:

  • Failed to follow established policies and procedures
  • Failed to perform a nursing assessment on a patient at high risk for a cardiovascular accident               

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Nurse Practitioners Medical Malpractice - Case Study with Risk Management Strategies:

  • Failure to advise patient of an urgent medical condition,
  • Failure to keep an adequate medical record,
  • Failure to timely address an emergent condition/complication

Click here to read NSO’s new NP Case Study!