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Jan K. Mitchell, DDS, M.Ed
Dental College of Georgia, 
Augusta University

Interprofessional - Oral Health

The direction of healthcare in the United States and abroad is evolving with increased emphasis on preventive services and care. Additionally, a paradigm shift is occurring, moving towards an interprofessional model of care that demonstrates improved patient outcomes. This shift has caused educational and healthcare institutions to alter their cultural climate, and address the issue of interdisciplinary team based care. However, this interprofessional model needs to be introduced and integrated throughout the educational system when health care profession students begin their education. 

As a result of the global IPE initiative, OADN is launching an initiative to provide practical information in educating your students on oral health. As nurses we are very aware of the oral-systemic link, and yet many nurses do not have a strong current knowledge base in this area. Sharing the expertise of fellow dental professionals would be a huge asset in increasing the knowledge level of students and ultimately helping patients. OADN is fortunate to be able have a resident dental expert to assist us with dissemination of information in our new website column: “Nursing Bites for Oral Health.” Dr. Mitchell will provide brief practical information you can use in the educating your students.

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Free Educational Offerings & CEUsfor Educators

New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing is pleased to share these valuable resources with OADN members. This resources are made possible through Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funding. Although the information refers to NPs, these resources are adaptable for all of nursing education.