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The leader in dynamic and collaborative nursing education.


Providing visionary leadership in nursing education to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.


Equity & Inclusion        •        Authenticity        •        Visionary        •         Excellence & Innovation

Strategic Priorities 2018-2020

• Education: Advance the promotion of best practices in nursing education and academic progression.

• Advocacy: Ensure Associate Degree Nursing’s voice in education and health care.

• Leadership: Develop leaders to promote meaningful change.

• Inclusivity: Leverage the diversity of Associate Degree Nursing Education to foster inclusion in health care.

• Collaboration: Promote Associate Degree Nursing quality, education and practice through collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders.

Focus Areas

• Advancing the membership

• Advocating for nursing education

• Promoting collaboration

About OADN

Founded in 1984, the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) is recognized nationally as the voice for Associate Degree Nursing. OADN is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Associate Degree Nursing education, strengthening the professional role of the Associate Degree Nurse, and promoting the future of Associate Degree Nursing as an entry point into registered nursing in the midst of healthcare changes.

As the leading advocate for Associate Degree Nursing, OADN promotes academic progression of graduates in furthering education to reach their maximum professional potential. All associate degree nurses should have access to pursue additional nursing education. OADN welcomes partnerships and collaboration with the other national nursing organizations to support academic progression in nursing, leadership, and improvements in healthcare practice and delivery. Collaboration with these organizations will facilitate the unity of the nursing profession. OADN continues to disseminate information and provide an arena for collegial networking to those who are passionate about Associate Degree Nursing.

ADN collaborates with national nursing organizations to ensure the voice of associate degree nursing remains at the forefront to promote academic progression. OADN has partnerships with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Academic Progression in Nursing Advisory Committee, the Center to Champion Nursing in America, Nursing Community, Nursing Alliance, Nurses on Boards Coalition, the American Nurses Association, the National League for Nursing; the American Association of Colleges of Nursing; American Nurses Association; and the American Organization for Nurse Executives.